Lucid dream
Series of oil paintings and a limited edition of 11 mixed media reprints, 2020-2022
Experienced between REM sleep and awakening, this dream feels so alive that it is almost impossible to distinguish it from reality. You can chose what to do, time corresponds to reality, you can feel smells and sounds, design events in a dream. The experience that you live there can be adopted in ordinary life: you can learn something or overcome your fears.

In the world of lucid dreams, dimensions are illusory, objects are distorted.
Endless reliefs flowing into each other, playing with perspective and scale, voids and ledges reveal the metaphysical opposites of presence and absence - thanks to this game, a revelation comes to you: what will you see in someone else's dream?

For the observer it’s an opportunity to free their conscience and immerse into a random image of the sensation from a dream.
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